In the modern era of technologies, where computers and tablets play such an important role in our lives, the problem of saying no to books and reading is even more acute.

Many parents and teachers are concerned because children do not read as many books as they read during their childhood.

However, rather than complaining, it is best to answer the question: did they enjoy the reading or not, and do they often set an example of reading to children?

According to sociological research, the intensity of the child’s reading depends on a scale of a personal library. In those, who have more than a hundred books and regularly read belletristic literature, their love of reading is more developed.

However, if there are only a dozen of books in the personal library, the readers’ circle is also reduced.

The specialists often ring a full peal; there is a danger that in a world where the television, video games, and computers are so strong, the book has become dysfunctional.

Encourage a child to love reading
Encourage a child to love reading

Is it Necessary to Load a Child’s Mind with Literature?

Yes, it is! Despite everything, the book plays a most important role in the process of the formation of personality and its harmonious development.

Specialists give adults simple advice on how to encourage their kids to love reading:

  • If you do not love reading, do not demand a child to read a book. Start with yourself. It is never too late to make friends with books. Literature is an attractive world, which soon encourages you to love it;
  • At what age should children be introduced to books? From about one year old, when they will be able to remember the words. The process of introduction to a book is passive at this age because the child can only listen to and cannot read. Traditionally, friendship with the book starts from the age of 4-7, but there are plenty of new methodologies, which encourage children to get used to the relationship with the books from the age of 17 months;
  • According to a long-term observation of the American psychologist Bruno Bettelheim, the love of books is mostly based on the first book which the child studies the reading from. The psychologist found that oversimplified texts and illustrations are less attractive to children because they consider it offensive to their intelligence. If you want to encourage the child to love reading, think carefully, by using which book you are going to do it;
  • Psychologists believe that any text (or any book) requires decoding and long and hard thinking. While watching cartoons the child does not need the abovementioned, so he/she is guided by the principle of energy saving and gives priority to animation. Pay attention in order not to allow the child to sit in front of the TV or computer for several hours;
  • We must acknowledge that the books that our parents were reading to us are not always interesting for children. Read modern literature to children, and give them to choose;
  • Do not force a child to read a book; you will only cause a reverse reaction. Many surveys of the older generation reveal that the literature they were forced to read in childhood, still causes negative emotions. Much depends on a parent and teacher in this case. Try different methods to get children interested in books;
  • Encourage a child reader, bought him/her books, and have a desire of reading he/she expresses. If you have limited financial resources, help a child to become a member of the library;

Buy the books in electronic format
Buy the books in electronic format

Finally, the development of tablets has contributed to the popularization of e-books and electronic libraries. Each big publishing company already has its digital library on the Internet.

So you can buy the books in electronic format.

For example, at it is available to purchase technical or belletristic literature in the form of Kindle, which is usually cheaper than a book, and you will save time as well.

In the Apple App Store the theme of education occupies a separate section, where besides the books, you can buy a variety of educational materials. There is a variety of entertaining puzzles for children of all ages, quiz maker software tools with prefilled questions, ebooks with built-in animation, and others.

Read the books!