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Using Online Resources to Increase Student Productivity

Those involved in developing academic curriculums are always looking for creative and effective ways to increase the achievement ratio of students. The advancement of the information era has presented some unique and powerful opportunities for students to become more productive in reaching their achievement goals.

According to a white paper by Matthew W. Liberatore, something as simple as using an online homework assignment curriculum improves the overall productivity of the student. The cause and effect behind this principle is complex, but when simplified, it focuses on two distinct variables: Most students' familiarity with the Internet and its vast available resources.

Today’s students are quite adept at utilizing the Internet to explore an endless amount of information. While there once was a time in which a student would have to visit a library and scroll through pages and pages of data to find a specific piece of data, that data is now a few keywords and a mouse click away.

Educators are also using a new innovative concept in which students take online quizzes and tests designed to increase their knowledge, participation, and interactivity. There are test maker software programs that increase the ease of this process. This software basically uses a particular resource database that can be either linked or uploaded into the software to create tests associated with any particular topic or subject.

This innovative concept has a wide variety of benefits such as providing a platform that increases the productivity of the educator or instructor by assisting in the creation of tests and quizzes as well as providing the grading matrix. This frees up time for the instructor to become more involved in other critical areas in the education process.

Another benefit is online tests can be created in a number of formats, such as True or False, Multiple Choice, Sequence Matching and much more. The multiplicity of test formats challenges the student in different ways and forces them to develop a more complete and functional brain capacity. It also teaches them how to effectively think and rationalize to resolve different issues.

Taking tests and doing homework online places the student in an instant learning environment. The Internet is a comprehensive source of data, including technical, historical, economical, and numerous other centralized topics.

Students need to excel in skills such as math, science and writing in order to be successful in today’s culture and economy. They also need to have a certain level of technical literacy. Creating an online learning environment for students creates an organic situation in which their minds can be systematically inundated with information, skills, and techniques that will prove useful in increasing their achievement ratio on an academic level.

Another thing that online homework, test making, test taking, and research does is introduce the student to a greater level of sensitivity and understanding of the multicultural society in which they live. According to a recent article on Classroom Leadership, each of the aforementioned points carry an immense gravity in the overall development of any student.

If you are an educator, you should definitely be taking advantage of this concept.

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