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Using computer-based games and online quizzes in educational system


Teachers in many countries use computer-based games in educational process. Their approach is not always the same and you may wonder why they do this, what type of games they use, how they integrate games into the process of education and what end result they get. In other words, why using of games is interesting for educational system?

In modern world of information, computer games are commercially successful and expensive business. Industry of world games is as profitable as cinema-industry. Leading IT companies invest a lot of money in enforcement of motivational factor. They naturally include cognitive elements as well.

Many schools successfully use quizzes and quiz maker software because of no discomfort among teachers, educational computer games is new direction for developed countries as well. Technology is moving forward so fast that news in technological world has become a common thing.

Computer-based games are: video games, Internet games, strategies, simulations, adventure games, races, puzzles etc.


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Game types

Except for games created with educational purposes and flash based quizzes many teachers use entertaining and commercial games during educational process. They are quite diverse. Among those we have some popular games. According to confirmed information, some schools successfully apply the popular game Minecraft in educational process.

Of course using games in educational system has more experimental character: educational games, included into curriculum are rarity. Using these games mainly corresponds to new challenges of the system (namely, students’ dissatisfaction with educational process, necessity of raising their motivation, attraction of students’ attention in the right direction). Educational games are also considered as new pedagogical instrument, used for development of the so-called competencies.

Increasing practice of using games in educational process

Cases of using computer games in schools as compared to scales of educational system is not numerous, however their number increases constantly. More seminars and conferences are devoted to the issue of application of computed games and academic articles are written.

As I have mentioned above, sufficient amount of articles about Minecraft can be found on the Internet with detailed description of advantages and disadvantages of the game. Also you can find complicated and comparatively simple quizzes about the games.

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