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Two Effective Strategies of Writing Essay

Everyone knows that most students do not like performing writing tasks insofar as developing writing skills and thus making good paperwork are not so easy. It requires hard working and great attempt as from student, also from teacher.

Majority of students do not know how to start writing. Sometimes their paperwork is so vague that it requires accuracy and cannot attract the interest of readers, cannot assure in given opinion or position. The case of facing before such problems mainly declines the motivation of students and worsens development of written thought.

The effective and approved way for the negotiation of difficulties is that teacher should equip students with various writing strategies and help them to use in practice.[nozoom]Two Effective Strategies of Writing Essay

Here we discuss two strategies of writing which will be helpful for students in making various types of paperwork and afterwards improving them.


1. Strategy - "What - Why and How?”

This strategy is the best way for establishing argued paperwork, proving any views and opinions, finding main subject, etc. It helps student for visualizing discussable subjects and determining interaction between parts of information.

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Each question in "What – Why and How?” strategy establishes different task and pushes student to think independently over subject, to explain his/her own views and to prove them with arguments:

  • "What do you think?” - This is the column where you write personal opinions, your position, and attitude toward subject. If it is essay you can write main idea or thesis;
  • "Why do you think so?” - This is the column where opinions are explained and there should be mentioned what was the reason of it;
  • "How do you know?” – This is the column for arguments, illustrations and for all means to substantiate general view. It should be foreseen that all explanation and reasons have to be substantiated at least by one example or other kind of argument and also, arguments must be obtained not only from one source, but from different relevant sources (statistic materials, research reports, historical documents, legislation, etc.).

Beside above-mentioned purposes "What – Why and How?” strategy can be also used as follows:

  • Effective processing of discussion: to work out and to discuss the subject that give students opportunity to think around theme, to analyze their own position and to make adequate conclusion;
  • Making paragraphs: ideas structured in scheme supports students to write easily paragraphs. Records of paragraphs can connect to each other by logical consequence and can be established as whole paragraph;
  • Stating thesis or establishing answer for main question of research work: in this case, probable answer or thesis are written in the first column of the “What – Why and How?” scheme and reasons - in the second of column, arguments or bibliographical data – in the third column.


2. Strategy – "Idea - Details"

Often students express interesting ideas and opinions in their works but they have not clearly and properly established ideas, thus they cannot achieve success. The main reason, in particular, is less details in their paperwork.

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What is detail?

Detail is the answer of the question which may be raised by reader regarding author’s opinion. It is used to explain sentences which need more clearness and accuracy.


Why do we need details?

Details are very important part in paperwork as far as reader finds hard to penetrate in author’s opinion without particular details. If author did not provide reader with information which is interesting to reader, then, naturally, reader loses motivation for further reading of article. Answering the questions of the latter and satisfying the interest of reader is possible through writing details.


How can we insert details in paperwork?

The best way to insert details proving ideas and opinions in the paperwork is the strategy “Idea -Detail”.

For accomplishing mentioned strategy, we should single out one or more such ideas chosen for paperwork, which requires approval and arguments. It must be written on the left side of scheme and its proper explanations must be written on the right side.

After listing all possible details, it is possible to review the list and to choose sentences that mostly prove particular view. It is easy to create paperwork that is oriented toward the interest of readers by connecting details to idea and their logical consequence.



  • sentences that need more clearness
  • Important parts from your paperwork
  • What does your audience need to know?
  • What kind of questions may your reader have?



Recommendations while using strategy “Idea - Details”:

  • While listing details, if it is possible, teacher should request from students to write everything that more or less is connected to the expressed idea. This is activity before actual writing and it has no decisive importance, how effective will be all details;
  • It is important to explain students that they should think about what additional information will be needed regarding their opinions represented to the audience while listing details;
  • Number of details is not defined; it depends on idea and possible questions from the audience. As practice shows, the number of details ranges from 5 to 10;
  • Student may address to class for improving details, may read them and ask them for questions and for focusing of interesting subjects. Question will help student to determine the scope of interest of the audience and what the audience demands from author;
  • There are various details but it is important to determine which is more effective for paperwork. Asking questions such are: “Who?”, “What?”, “Where?”, “Why?”, “How?” is one of the best ways to choose the proper detail, but as experience shows that the best source is answers of the questions: “Why?” and “How?”
  • In case of possibility, one or more detail can be moved to column of Idea from the list for improving ideas and details and then to find and list details around it.



As we can see, strategies “What – Why and How” and “Idea - Details” are effective for creating argued, interesting and structured paperwork. Besides, both strategies develop important skills in students, such are personal attitude and working out opinions independently, their explanation on the basis of their position and to argue, finding information, specifying details of ideas and unifying opinions arranged from different corners.

And finally, the more Essay writing strategy knows student, the funnier and easier the process becomes.

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