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Quizzes and engaging games for increasing students’ motivation

Going to school is one of important stages in children’s life. He begins obtaining a large amount of information and the main function of the teacher is to deliver this information in a correct way.

From the moment of entering school studying becomes the purport of child’s life. Children critically experience success or failure in studying, and frequently attitude of adults towards children is frequently determined from the point of student’s academic success. Studying is not only grounds for obtaining knowledge and intellectual development. The major part of human’s personality develops during the process of study.

However experienced teachers frequently note that aspiration of some students for education decreases from the second term of the first grade and they become indifferent. This may have different reasons: the student gets accustomed to external environment of the school, everyday routine issues become boring, complicated tasks are tiresome etc.

Children of primary school age want adults to recognize them as independent personality. The child tries to behave in a way adults behave, tries to attract their attention and praise. From the age of 5-6 years children need to share news with each other, show their own things, fulfill together tasks assigned by adults. Joint activity becomes more and more attractive which develops sense of friendship. It is very important to accustom children to play with others, fulfill different activities jointly; it is also important to accustom children to solve simple tests and quizzes.

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Self-conception begins to develop at preschool age. The child separates himself from adults and tries to implement particular activity independently. For example, while dealing with the quiz, the child tries to solve it independently. Pupils of elementary school are able to fulfill many activities independently. That is why it is important that the teacher to keep balance between studied material and novelty in order to enable children to demonstrate obtained knowledge and skills.

At this age visual side of transferring information is very important. It is necessary that quizzes are composed considering child’s age and quiz maker software maintains simplicity.


Influence of student’s motivation on education process

The leading motive is connected to main behavior. At the age of 5-6 years child’s main behavior is game and from the age of 6-7 years child’s main behavior is studying. Solving quizzes becomes simpler for children and it increases their motivation even more.

Type of the game changes along with child’s age. At an early age children do not have goals; they do not conform to the rules. From the age of 5-6 years children set goals, determine rules of the game, held each other. Role of imaginary situation decreases and importance of rule increases. If the child has not gone through all forms of playing, motive for studying may decrease.

Child’s mental character and personal peculiarities are developed during the game. The game influences formation of any psychic process. For example, any attentions and memory begins while solving quiz, which are important skills for studying at school. Game influences development of child’s thinking as well. During the game the child studies to think about subjects and use them in intellectual way. Therefore, in a game the child gradually transfers into the stage of thinking by apprehension. A plot game is a basis for development of particular character of thinking, which enables the child to put himself into another person’s place and consider his future behavior and based on that build his own behavior. 5 year old child begins studying within a game. He treats the game in a particular situation with determined rules and acquires elementary studying activity during fulfillment of these rules, studying skill and desire is developed. In the age of contemporary technologies, when a lot of quiz maker software exist, more interactivity may be added to the process of studying; such quiz makes the process studying more enjoyable.

All children like puzzles, quizzes, crosswords. Similar activities make educational process significantly livelier. Also, it facilitates development of motivation, when student feels that others trust him and trust in his success.

But there is construction of facts, which have a negative impact on motivation. For example, research revealed that overstrain influences motivation. That’s why it is necessary to make activity pauses at classes.

Stress hampers development of motivation as well. It causes negative attitude towards new environment or information. It is important to keep stress on an optimal level. Researches have revealed that familiarizing with needs of the class keeps optimal level of stress as well as change of the format of studying, application of different methods, preliminary familiarization with evaluation criteria, kind attitude of teachers towards students, calm and even-tempered tone.

Therefore, great teacher always creates motivation.

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