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Learning Management Software Revolutionizes Education

[nozoom]Learning Management Software Revolutionizes EducationFor business owners, HR training coordinators, corporate training agencies, and especially academic instructors, the drive to remain on top in their respective fields is an ongoing endeavor. What these teaching professionals are beginning to understand is the power of using learning management software to engage their students and trainees. LMS, in its many diverse applications, presents a cohesive system of learning tools and mechanisms that provide a significant boost in overall proficiency in performance.

The boost in performance provided by learning management software is dichotomous; enhancing the performance and efficiency of the training mechanism and thereby enhancing the effective and performance of the student or trainee. The implementation of a specified LMS program can create and effective rise in subject moral (a competent and confident student is more likely to be a happy and effective performer).

LMS has literally revolutionized the role of teachers and trainers across the board. Although the scope of this software spans well into the professional and corporate arena, the focus of this article will be its impact on the academic world.


Benefits of Using a Learning Management System

A recent article by TNW revealed that web based programs and educational software programs have literally revolutionized the role of teachers. With software programs that allow you to create quizzes and surveys in a multiplicity of formats and concepts, the teacher can generate subject relevant quizzes that are able to captivate and challenge their students. These quizzes and surveys are easily generated through quiz maker software programs which are designed for this purpose.

LMS programs like this carry massive implications in the engagement cycle of the teacher. First, the efficiency it provides within the teacher-student engagement cycle is extraordinary. Instead of a teacher spending an exorbitant amount of time creating tests and grading papers, they can spend more time providing much needed one on one attention to students.

This first point segues right into the second. Studies have shown that when students are engaged on a less standardized platform their level of achievement increases. A report by Heinermann, as well as other articles, point to the fact that the standardized approach to teaching and testing has created a number of major concerns about its effectiveness, while engaging students with consideration of their individuality increases the effectiveness of their ability to learn and perform.

Using LMS concepts to engage students creates a platform that has the capacity to allow the teacher to use more methods that support engaging the student according to their unique makeup.

Computer based concepts such as learning management software are more likely to engage the interest of students in a world in which everyone is more computer savvy and internet oriented. The ability to create exams that can be taken online opens up a world of resources to students.

This software concept also serves as a conduit through which students are exposed to an infinite world of resources and data that is as close as their fingertips. By creating online exams that require students to login to a specific site to take the exam, the teacher is exposing the student to a panoramic learning environment. When properly executed, the use of LMS has the capacity to remove the boundaries that have restrained the creative and lateral thinking processes that allow children to expand their horizons. It enhances their ability to think and live outside the box, and it removes the restraints that cause students to be confined to the limitation of the thought processes of others.


The Revolution

The use of learning management software has created a movement that is gaining an implacable force of momentum. The concepts and philosophies involved in using these types of teaching mechanisms has completely shifted the platform of academic engagement. Methodologies that were once deemed effective and mainstream are being abandoned for what once was considered a fad and trend that would not sustain itself.

[nozoom]Learning Management SoftwareWhat the academic and professional world has come to realize is that education, in whatever form you present it, cannot be presented in an exclusive and standardized format. The human mind and personality along with the sociological influences associated with this contemporary culture must be engaged through means that are universally effective. Yet, creating a system that is universally effective cannot be accomplished by the use of a universal standard.

The individuality of those being taught must be taken into consideration. Using learning management software has proven to be an effect platform on which a teacher can effectively and proficiently engage the individual gifts and needs of their students.

As far as this concept being a fad is concerned, its progression and momentum would indicate the contrary. The role of teachers and the direction of education have both evolved. The teacher is being freed from many of their administrative roles, while being provided the opportunity to creatively engage their students. In the same way, education department heads and policy makers are restructuring curriculums and criteria of their programs to facilitate the evolution of education.

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