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Import Questions from other ExamJet databases

Now you can import questions from other ExamJet databases. This feature might be useful:

  • When you decide to migrate questions from the local version to the remote database
  • When you decide to duplicate your questions and copy them from one remote database to another
  • When you are migrating from Standard to the Professional edition

You can find the Import Question button in the Question Editor.

The wizard will ask you to select the source from which you wish to import data. There are two options:

  • Local Database
  • Remote Database (Microsoft SQL Server)

Please note that you will need a View Questions permission on the source database to see Question Banks and Questions in it.

Select the appropriate one and press the Next button.

Select a Destination Question Bank
On the next page you can choose the existing database to import or add the new one.

Check again if everything is correct and press the Import Questions button.

Note: Importing questions from other ExamJet databases is available only for ExamJet Professional Edition.

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