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How to Manage Class Properly, Keep Students Organized and Make Them More Disciplined

Importance of Class Management

[nozoom]Importance of Class ManagementClass management and maintaining discipline is important process during the study process. Sometimes, it is impossible first of all to organize and maintain order in the class, afterwards put it aside and start studying. Management of class stipulates teacher’s action, directed on creation of good studying environment in the class and the discipline – teacher’s action, directed on prevention of undesirable action or decreasing it to a minimum.

It has been determined that teachers have different strategies of managing the class and previously elaborated action plan. Final, long-term aim of class management is training of self-discipline and short-term – creation of healthy atmosphere in class.

Unfortunately, there is no common opinion concerning most effective strategy of class management, also there is no recipe of settlement academic or discipline problems of students. Therefore, numerous effective and very interesting models of class management have been elaborated during the long history of psychology and pedagogic sciences. We will introduce the model below.

Class Management Models

There are three great principal models of class management. The first is humanistic model, according to which teacher should support proper development of students, create positive climate in the class, provide students with necessary materials and interfere with the process of studying less. The second is democratic model. According to this model, the teacher must find balance between student’s freedom and restrictions. The third is behaviorism model, in which teacher has the main role: he should manage student’s behavior by methods of punishing and encouraging.

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These models differ from each other, but supporters of the three models acknowledge some principles and agree that prevention is more important in class management process as well as in medicine than correction. Teacher should be acquainted with students, feel when the student begins to “misbehave” and interfere before the situation in the class becomes tense. It’s also preferable that teacher’s interference is directed on particular student and shouldn’t be too obvious to other students and shouldn’t cause suspension of activity of the class. For maintaining discipline in the class the teacher should apply preventive measures. For that end it is very effective to develop tolerance, effective communication, and conflict solving skills in students.

As to the process of studying, experiments have determined that order in the class depends on style and strategy of studying. The more teacher tries to increase students’ motivation by attracting their attention, the more peaceful atmosphere in the class will be and additional strictness in the class is not required.

One more important thing, which all teachers must remember: teacher is an important figure for a student. Students will always look for a reason to like or not to like their teachers, sometimes it may be preconditioned by some insignificant personal features. It is hard to obtain preferable personal features but there is a simple truth – if you do not like children it is better not to be a teacher.

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