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ExamJet Quiz Maker Software Makes Quiz Creation Easy

For years, when an educator wanted to make a quiz, they sat down in front of notes and books and laboriously created the exam or quiz, writing all questions and possible answers by hand. This process, especially for larger tests, could take hours and even days, especially when factoring in creating the answer key. Using ExamJet Quiz Maker Software, educators can now sit down in front of a computer and make a quiz or exam in a relatively short amount of time.


Features of ExamJet Quiz Maker

ExamJet Quiz Maker offers a centralized management console. This centralized environment gives you access to the following from a central console:

  • Quiz question creation through Question Editor
  • Publication of quizzes and exams
  • Quiz result analysis

Our software product also offers a user and role management feature that is fully customizable. The user and role management console gives you the power to add roles that are desired and assign specific permissions to those roles. You will also have the ability to create an unlimited number of users and assign them to any number of roles that you desire or need.

When using the software to make a quiz, you do so from a question editor that is comfortable and intuitive. Drop down menus within the question editor allow you to choose from multiple quiz question types (Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers, True/False, Sequence, Matching, Fill in the Blank and Numeric). The question editor also allows you to add feedback to both correct and incorrect answers as well as set the point for each quiz question and the assignment of categories for your quiz questions.


ExamJet Quiz Maker - Question EditorWhen you make a quiz, the software also allows you to filter the questions in your question bank by category, allowing you to ensure that each category or area of study has received proper coverage in the quiz. When filtering and searching, you can do so intellectually. When reviewing the quiz prior to publishing it, you can sort questions by a number of criteria to ensure proper subject coverage:

  • Date - To ensure that information from all given lectures is covered
  • Actual text of the question - allowing you to ensure that the question is worded properly
  • Sort by type of question - allowing you to be sure that a variety of question types have been used
  • Category - Again, to make sure that all topics have been given proper coverage in the quiz

The quiz maker software doesn’t just create quizzes, though. It’s a complete interactive testing environment for the students, also. Students take created quizzes on a computer in an environment that is intuitive and easy for them to use. The learning curve for students on this software is pretty flat, letting them concentrate on taking the test and not learning how to use the software.

ExamJet Quiz Maker - TesterBeing computer-based, ExamJet Quiz Maker makes it easy to collect and grade the quizzes, actually performing these functions automatically. No more: “Ok class. Pencils down. Please pass your quizzes to the front.” Once all students have completed their quizzes, the software also makes it easy to analyze results and run reports showing student performance.

As an educator, you owe it to yourself, your teachers, and students to make the teaching and learning processes as easy as possible. ExamJet Quiz Maker is a great start.

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