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Continuous training for employees

It does not matter whether the company consists of 10 or 10,000 employees. The issue of permanent training of employees and adjustment to reality remains urgent.

Exchange of information is easier when the company is a small one and employees know each other well. But it is comparatively hard to control whether the widespread information was perceived by the addressee correctly on not if the company consists of many employees and personnel working in different departments may not be acquainted with each other.

Newly employed staff is more sensitive towards this process. New employee faces new environment and is motivated to perceive the environment as soon as possible.

In order for the company to keep employees in permanent readiness and adjust to new reality, it is necessary for them to get familiar with news on a permanent basis. For that end trainings are quite a good measure. During the training instructor may provide students with reading materials and examine them at the end of training in order to evaluate how students have apprehended materials.

Great Test Maker Software makes it easy to grade your quiz


Unlike trainings, when it is necessary to share information, testing may be taken automatically by means of computer program. Quiz maker software deals with all nuances of paper-based testing. Instructor prepares question bank in advance and adds possible answers. Possible answers may be a Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers, Sequence, etc. Instructor is free in choosing type of possible answer types in quiz maker software. As it is computer based system it is possible to add such types of questions as for example sequence (ordering answers) or matching (choose from drop-down list).

Instructor may evaluate results by means of previously prepared Grading Scale. It is quite possible that the company already has system of evaluation of employees and logically instructor will use this system during testing. Grading scale may be simple (passed, not passed), as well as based on received points and define points received by the student.

Except for making evaluation of students quicker, computer based testing has a lot of other advantages as well:

Is considerably cheaper

Modern quiz maker software are considerably cheaper and fulfill assigned duties faster than any human. You see results right upon completing of the process of testing and students may instantly see received points.

Besides, investment in employees is considerably cheaper for the company than recruiting new employees. It is direct investment into the company.

Is considerably fast

If you have prepared question bank in advance, publishing of a new test is a matter of several minutes. In case of a large computer network you will be able to start testing process very fast.

Is more secure

Giving the student an access to the test is completely at your disposal. You may indicate period of validity of test, indicate attempt limit, mark only those students, who should pass the test so others will not have access to it. If by any chance you reveal cheating, you may block testing process for that student and inform him so that any other test takers will not be able to see it.

Management of settings of the question bank is at your disposal as well. You may mix questions randomly and be sure that each student will have a unique quiz. You may as well mix possible answers, which will make memorizing of test impossible.

Is simply adjustable to requirements

According to requirements, quiz maker software may combine duties of instructor as well during the process of testing. If the student makes mistake he will see feedback and will receive explanations why the chosen answer is not right. Besides, the student may see feedback in case of the right answer as well.

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