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Quizzes and engaging games for increasing students’ motivation

Going to school is one of important stages in children’s life. He begins obtaining a large amount of information and the main function of the teacher is to deliver this information in a correct way.

From the moment of entering school studying becomes the purport of child’s life. Children critically experience success or failure in studying, and frequently attitude of adults towards children is frequently determined from the point of student’s academic success. Studying is not only grounds for obtaining knowledge and intellectual development. The major part of human’s personality develops during the process of study.

However experienced teachers frequently note that aspiration of some students for education decreases from the second term of the first grade and they become indifferent. This may have different reasons: the student gets accustomed to external environment of the school, everyday routine issues become boring, complicated tasks are tiresome etc.


The Purposes of using computer-based games in education system

Generally, there are four purposes of using computer games in education system

Helping students while teaching

This kind of games are used for helping children with problems of cognitive or psycho-social character. Mainly, this happens after completion of the lesson without tension and it is individually for each student.


Modernization of educational process

Computer-based games are considered to be one of instruments of modernization of methods of studying introduced into educational system. Administration of school frequently supports such model as it is directed on adaptation of student’s school experience to his real world, where games play great role. This attitude helps adolescents and adults to know much more about each other’s ideas.


Using computer-based games and online quizzes in educational system


Teachers in many countries use computer-based games in educational process. Their approach is not always the same and you may wonder why they do this, what type of games they use, how they integrate games into the process of education and what end result they get. In other words, why using of games is interesting for educational system?

In modern world of information, computer games are commercially successful and expensive business. Industry of world games is as profitable as cinema-industry. Leading IT companies invest a lot of money in enforcement of motivational factor. They naturally include cognitive elements as well.


Cutting edge technologies at school

Education is formation of conscious competence in realistic context. It is very important for the above-mentioned to correspond with children’s interests and facilitate active education. Based on the above-mentioned, education process should be focused on creation of such environment, which will enable construction of knowledge. In such environment the student should be given motivation to find solution of the problem individually by means of research and experiments. The student should be encouraged to ask questions, study and associate different objects or different opinions on the same object, present an argument during the working process.

In the sphere of contemporary education the process of teaching and studying is considered as the process during which not only exchange of knowledge is taking place but also the knowledge is transferred by the student means of his social environment.

Information and communication technologies are one of the main components of educational environment, which facilitates construction of knowledge. Besides, computer technologies facilitate increase of student’s motivation; it enables education process to get beyond the classroom in time and space and become open at most. By means of communication technologies the teacher and the student may discover information, which is really necessary for settlement of particular issue and involve into educational process people, having direct connection with current educational activities (for example, colleagues from other schools, representatives of academic circles and people working on similar issues).


ExamJet Quiz Maker 3.1 Released

ExamJet Quiz Maker 3.1 Released.

What’s new in Test Manager:

  • “Sign in automatically” check button will become unchecked, when you change the database;
  • Every Published Test now have unique names;
  • More user friendly messages when creating a new database;
  • Fixed error when searching in empty database;
  • Improved user experience in Question Editor. Increased font size for Question Banks and added a small icon;
  • Fixed error when activating a license key on Windows XP operating systems;
  • Fixed small bugs in Question Editor.


Download Link: ExamJet Quiz Maker 3.1

Continuous training for employees

It does not matter whether the company consists of 10 or 10,000 employees. The issue of permanent training of employees and adjustment to reality remains urgent.

Exchange of information is easier when the company is a small one and employees know each other well. But it is comparatively hard to control whether the widespread information was perceived by the addressee correctly on not if the company consists of many employees and personnel working in different departments may not be acquainted with each other.

Newly employed staff is more sensitive towards this process. New employee faces new environment and is motivated to perceive the environment as soon as possible.