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ExamJet Quiz Maker 3.2 Released

Today we are announcing a number of very exciting changes to ExamJet. With the recent release of version 3.2 we had implemented an update to the authorization system used in test publishing wizard.

Full list of changes, improvements and bug fixes in version 3.2

What’s new in Test Manager:

  • New: Authorization system is much more flexible. You can choose three options: Anonymous Testing, Generate Access Codes and Set Password;
  • Improved: Validation when saving;
  • Improved: When adding a new grading scale in an empty list it will become a default one;
  • Fixed: Test Manager will now save the selected question bank and current view when you close the program;
  • New: You can now open entries by double-click or pressing the Enter button;
  • New: You can now hide disabled tests;
  • New: Every grid has now an ability to sort rows by clicking its title;
  • Fixed: A rare bug when creating a local database;
  • Improved: Search in results is now case insensitive;
  • Improved: At least one grading scale has to be present in the Test Manager;
  • New: Now, you can enter a test name when publish a new test.

What’s new in Tester:

  • New: Now you can specify a supervisor password to protect database settings;
  • New: Test List window to choose published test or quiz;
  • Fixed: Reset button was working incorrectly.


5 Tips to Succeed in an Online Course

[nozoom]5 Tips to Succeed in an Online CourseWhen people, especially fathers, mothers, and busy working professionals think about going back to class, many see no way of squeezing campus into their already hectic routines. Taking online classes can help with that time crunch and save these people several hours every week, which they can convert into home study time. The courses are a perfect way for busy people to gain advanced certifications and training or even switch career paths. They are an effective way for first time job seekers who require specialized training to improve their job prospects. However, for you to excel, you need to take note of the following five tips to help you succeed in an online course.


Install Microsoft SQL Server Express and Configure ExamJet Quiz Maker

To use all features of ExamJet Quiz Maker and use it on a local network you should install a fully functional remote database – SQL Server or SQL Server Express.


Install SQL Server Express

SQL Server Express is a free edition of Microsoft SQL Server and it is an ideal solution for storing large number quizzes and tests in ExamJet Quiz Maker.

Installing and configuring SQL Server is quite easy. Installation wizard has all the necessary options to configure it properly.

Download the latest version of SQL Server Express from the official website:‎

You will need to download “SQL Server Express with Tools” which contains the database engine and management studio.

Depending on your system, you will need to choose 32-bit or 64-bit version to download.

We recommend installing it on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 or on Windows Server 2012 R2.


Assessment of Educational Process by Students


Assessment of educational processes is one of the most important methods in monitoring of teaching and quality control strategies.

Quite a number of monitoring and assessment methods and approaches are used in the educational system. Monitoring of teaching and learning strategies is mainly the responsibility of the educational institution. The assessment may also be carried out by any researcher, group of researchers, international organization or by a governmental or international program interested in one or another issue. However, the fact is that the monitoring is just able to give unilateral or global assessment. It cannot draw a complete picture of the dynamics of daily teaching activities.

[nozoom]Assessment of Educational Process by StudentsIn the second half of the twentieth century, a system, called 360-degree feedback was founded, which has been widespread throughout all western countries. This system, also known as the all-round and multilateral system, means involvement of all participants into monitoring and assessment processes and detailed analyses of findings.


Assessment Method of the Educational Processes

According to the modern approaches to monitoring and assessment activities, assessment done by a student - a key person in educational processes, since popularization of multilateral appraisal tendencies, is extremely important. All the leading schools in the West today regularly use the approach of Student’s Assessment of Educational Processes. Similar to 360-degree feedback method, it also has a history lasting just several decades. E.g. at Stanford University in the United States, Student’s Assessment approach was first used in the academic year of 1996-1997. From that time on, other leading schools started to apply this approach and today, assessment of educational processes by students is considered to be an integral part of the Western educational systems.


Developing Social Skills for School Children


[nozoom]Developing Social Skills for School Children


Social skills are not inherent and needs hard work for development. School and teacher should do their duty in development of child and to teach them ability of using these skills in real life. Students develop social skills by collaborative learning. Students that are in collaborative groups study not only various disciplines in academic program, but also learn interpersonal relationship skills. Studying social skills is the requirement for academic success: more they learn the art of mutual aid in study, more their attendance is better. Therefore, establishing social skills happens in collaborative situations, where task should be done jointly.


Four different types of skills that are necessary for collaborative learning

  1. Skills that are the simplest rules of behavior. Without such skills, it is hard to say concerning collaboration and creative group;
  2. Skills that are necessary in the process of work for active involvement of all members of group and for maintenance of productive work relations;
  3. Skills of cognitive, motivated attitude for acquiring knowledge;
  4. Skills that stipulate creative and critic approach to knowledge. Skills of logical thinking and intellectual solving of conflicts, searching additional information and finding rational kernel in different views.


How to Improve the Teacher-Student Relationship


[nozoom]How to Improve Teacher-Student Relationship


Child spends half of his life at school. He acquires not only new knowledge but learns how to build relations with coevals and teachers. Frequently student refuses to go to school only because teacher’s unfounded critics or teacher being too commanding. Due to complicated conflicts, children may demand to switch school. In order to avoid that parents and students should be aware that all teachers have different characters.

While the child is primary school pupil, more frequently he may be in contact only with one teacher. If the teacher is reasonable, kind, attentive, creative and understanding the child will not get bored at school during the first years of studying at least. Things get complicated when child enters higher classes and starts communication with other teachers.


What is “Bullying” and How to Protect a Child From It

In schools, children often suffer physical or psychological terror from the other kids. This phenomenon occurs for both girls and boys. Victims are mostly primary school children. Such interdependence between adolescents' is referred to as a “bullying” by scientists. “Bullying”, means a physical or psychological terror on a child by his/her classmates or the group of other children. Those who “bully”, aim to intimidate and subdue their victims.[nozoom]What is a ‘Bullying’ and How to protect a Student from it

Adults often find it difficult to identify the bullying. They assume the child's real aggression as a game, this aggression is considered to be a natural part of child’s development, and mildly call the aggressive children as bullies. They tend to forget that this attitude may cause an irreparable physical or mental harm to the victim. Specialists believe that after violence youngster cannot be quickly cured, he/she might suffer a constant fear, anxiety, feel humiliated or depressed, his/her self-esteem can worsen. Besides the physical and psychological terror, the victims often miss the lessons, are late from the lessons, his/her academic standing worsens. Such children avoid participation into school public events, losing friends among their classmates. More than that - mental trauma may be receives by a child, which has not experienced violence directly, but has witnessed a terror. Such child is afraid of not to become a victim of the aggressor in the future.

Scientists believe that children-initiators of a bullying continue to demonstrate aggression in their adulthood, and often choose a criminal way of life.


What is Stress and How it Affects the Student’s Body

In the 21st century, it is difficult to find a person who has not experienced the stress. In the rapidly changing informational environment, the number of stress causing factors and their negative impacts are increasing day by day. Therefore, it is important to know what the reasons for its occurrence are.[nozoom]What is Stress and How it Affects the Student’s Body

“Stress” firstly was described by the Canadian scientist Hans Selye, who defined it as General Adaptation Syndrome. According to Hans Selye, the body’s systems and functions of the organs weaken in this condition. In accordance with the modern definition, the "Stress" is the combination of those protective physiological reactions, which are generating in the body, in response to the harmful factors of the environment and to protect the body from the latter.

Please note that the stress not always has a negative effect on the body. The effect of short-term stress, which is due mainly to strong positive emotions, has a positive effect on the body and promotes its mobilization and activation. Prolonged stress (which continues for weeks, months or years) causes exhaustion of the vital forces and physiological dysfunction. In such cases, the organism cannot cope with the stress causing factors independently.


Develop Creative Thinking and Expanding Minds in Young Learners


Nowadays all representatives of educational sphere agree on how important creative thought is. Creativity gives individual an opportunity not only perceiving the universe and its phenomenon in multiple ways, but also to aspire to new ideas, to make discoveries, to gain instant experiences. All this, in total, are the guarantee for the development of the universe.[nozoom]Develop Creative Thinking and Expanding Minds in Young Learners

Creativity is a wide notion, thus it is commonly argued to connect creativity with particular aspects. Creativity is considered to be as one of the aspects of intelligence but if we think over the diversity of intelligence then it becomes difficult to agree. (Howard Gardner „Theory of multiple intelligences" are sorting some type of intelligence: Linguistic, Bodily-kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalistic and Existential). As it is described in scientific literature, many factors influence on creativity, including environmental conditions. High degree of autonomy gives individual the opportunity to reveal creativity and it cannot be said about authoritarian environment.

Sometimes creativity is characterized as a “curved” thought that is distinguished from traditional, overall thought. Teacher – moderator plays important role in the class-room, who should use his/her own skills and multiple instruments and make school children becoming maximally creative.


Ways to Help a Child to Gain Self-confidence

In order that a child to grow up a full-fledged person, along with other qualities he/she needs for a self-confidence, which means trust and belief in himself/herself. Confident child believes in his/her own abilities. This belief is formed over time and is based on an ability to develop self-confidence.

Always emphasize a child's skills, his/her dignity, for example, that he-she paints or sings well. Such emphasis on every little success is a small but an important part of self-confidence.

Encourage and promote a child. Many parent or teacher cannot perform this simple recommendation. You can be able to bring up a happy child by constantly encouraging and supporting his/her dreams and beliefs. Listen to children: Their dreams may change, but they will never forget your words, which may be very painful for them.