Most frequent questions and answers about ExamJet Quiz Maker

Is there a trial version available of ExamJet Quiz Maker?

Yes there is. You can download it from the download page.

After I download and install the trial version, how long will it be valid?

The Trial version is active only for 30 days. All other features are fully active.

If the trial version has expired and I decided to purchase the full version, do I have to enter the information (questions, published tests etc.) again?

No. The information that you entered in the trial version is fully appropriate to use after you purchase the full version.

My desired function is not included in the program, is it possible to add it?

We are always ready to listen and consider your complaints and suggestions. Please, contact us.

How can I remove ExamJet Quiz Maker from my PC?

Our program fully includes the Uninstall standard. ExamJet Quiz Maker can delete its own files and other parameters which were added during the installation. In order to delete the program, open Programs and Features (in Windows 7/8) or Add or Remove Programs (in Windows XP), select ExamJet Quiz Maker and press Uninstall.

I have purchased the program, when shall I receive the registration code?

The registration code is generated automatically according to the information that you indicate. Depending on the payment method you use, the time of receiving the registration code may vary from a few minutes to several working days.

Please note that some email clients misread the letters and the license key sent by us may be stored in the spam folder. Please, check your inbox client spam folder. If you have not received the code for more than 5 working days, contact us.

Do you have a discount systems for schools?

Yes we do. We have a discount system for schools and teachers (for educators). Please contact us for more details.

Which payment method can I use to purchase ExamJet Quiz Maker?

We accept almost all payment methods. For further details, please see the Purchase FAQ page.

Which database does the program use to save the information?

For the local database, ExamJet Quiz Maker uses Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 database, while for remote installation you can choose Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 or Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008/2012 database versions.

We already have a database server, can we use it?

In corporate networks, usually there is a database server as a separate service and the database administrators are working hard to guarantee their proper performance and high availability.

If your network already has such database server, our software can use it.

Can I install everything on one computer (Database, Test Manager and Tester)?

Certainly, you can. Simply, you can use a local database which is already included in the installation package and does not require any additional configuration of interference from you.

What is the maximum number of the questions in the question bank?

The maximum number of the questions is not limited. The limit can be determined only in the database, which is determined by your database administrator.

What is the minimum and maximum number of possible answers in the questions?

For almost every question, it is possible to set up to 20 possible answers. The minimum number of the answers varies according to the question type:

  • For True/False questions, the minimum and maximum number of the answers is two;
  • For Essay type question, the possible answer variants are not considered;
  • For any other question types, the maximum number of answers is 20.