Publish Tests

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The module "Publish Tests" allows you to make the quiz available for students.


Publish Tests
Publish Tests


In the main window, you can see all published tests, including inactive ones.



Published Test

There is a unique quiz publishing system in ExamJet. You can choose which question bank to publish and combine them, choose student groups and assign desired permissions. This published test or quiz will be visible as a single one for the candidate.



Access Codes in Published Tests

In ExamJet we developed a unique access system to the published tests – through access codes. The program generates unique access codes for each students, which you can print and distribute among them.


It simplifies process of delivery tests to students and makes its accessibility much safer. Also, you can choose other options too.


You have three options when choosing the authorization type of your Test:

Anonymous Testing. Choose and start an Exam. You may enter your name or take the quiz anonymously.

Generate Access Codes. Generate access codes for each student. Only those students can access the test who have the access code.

Set Password. Set one master password for the test.