Modify Published Test

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To modify the published test, select the desired one and click the button “Modify”, located in the main menu.


Publish Test - Edit
Publish Test - Edit



You will have access to all the settings, which are available for published test.


Page - General


Modify Published Test - General
Modify Published Test - General




You can choose one of the three variants:





Test Name

The name must be unique


Test Number

Test Number is optional field and it can describe your test or quiz by assigning the unique number.



Description is optional, and it is only used for information, quiz taker will not see that field.


Time Limit

You can assign a time limit to the entire quiz.


Attempt Limit

You can set attempt limit for the quiz. If you assign “0” there will be no attempt limit.


After you activate the Attempt Limit option, you are eligible to define the way how to calculate received score. You can choose one of the followings:

Grade by highest score

Grade by last score

Grade by average score


During the test the student can see his/her current score, but the instructor can see the score calculated by the Grade by value and the original score too.


Note: Attempt Limit – is controlled by the Access Code and does not depend on whether the student groups are chosen or the test is anonymous:

If Students are selected, attempt limit is controlled for each students separately

If Anonymous Test is selected, limit acts in the same way for each quiz taker using the access code



You can assign the following options:

Available now – quiz is available and it will not expire

Available until – quiz is available until specified time

Available from... until... – you can specify the exact time range to define the quiz availability

Hide now – the quiz will be unavailable for students


Allow to Grade Test

During the test, you can select which grading scale you want to use. Read more about grading scales.


Note: When you publish a new test, wizard chooses the default grading scale.


Test is Disabled

If you do not want to delete published test, but keep the test results, you can select it as Disabled. When the test is disabled, it can’t be used in the testing process anymore, but the test results will still be available.



Page - Question Banks


Here you can select question banks which you want to publish. Keep in mind, that you can choose more than one question bank. Consider a case when you have different topic questions arranged in different question banks and you want students to pass the quiz as one. You can check and publish them.


Modify Published Test - Question Banks
Modify Published Test - Question Banks



Page - Authorization Type


This page describes how candidates can access the test. Choose the most acceptable option:

Anonymous Testing. Choose and start an Exam. You may enter your name or take the quiz anonymously.

Generate Access Codes. Generate access codes for each student. Only those students can access the test who have the access code.

Set Password. Set one master password for the test.


Modify Published Test - Question Banks
Modify Published Test - Question Banks


Page - Students


If you choose "Generate Access Codes" on the Authorization page, you will be able to select student groups. On the Students page, you can choose the group or groups for whom you want to have access to the test or quiz. In this case, access codes will be generated separately for each student.


Modify Published Test - Students
Modify Published Test - Students



Page - Options


Modify Published Test - Options
Modify Published Test - Options



Number of Questions

The parameter defines number of questions the student will see in the quiz.

If you choose number of questions which is less the ones in the question banks, the student will see the maximum available questions. For example, if the question bank contains 30 questions and in the "Number of Questions" fields you write "40", the student will see only 30 questions.


Note: If the "Shuffle all Questions" option is selected, the program will randomly choose questions from all checked question banks.


Show Test Results

The parameter defines whether the candidate will see his/her results after the test is finished or not.


Save Test Results

The parameter defines whether the test results will be saved in the test database after the test is finished or not.


Allow Break

The parameter defines whether the student can take a break during the test or not. Student can take a break only once.

Note: When finished, the program takes into account the real time spent on the test, excluding the break time.


License Agreement

If the student needs to read the license agreement, you can write it in that text editor.

A candidate should accept the license agreement to start a test or quiz.


Test Instructions

If a candidate needs to get and understand some specific instructions about the test or quiz process, you can write it down in that text box.


View Question List

In addition, student can see the question list, available in the main window. Student can jump to the question he/she wishes and define the answering order himself/herself.


Allow to Flag Questions

The parameter defines whether the student can set Flag to questions or not. In addition, it helps the student to mark for overview and correct the flagged questions on the review page, before finalizing the test.


Show Points

The parameter defines whether the student will see points of each questions or not.


Show Explanations

The parameter defines whether the student will see question explanations (if the question contains a one) or not.


Shuffle Questions

You can select the parameter if you want the program to shuffle and randomly choose questions.


Shuffle Answers

You can select the parameter if you want the program to shuffle the question answers.