Create a Remote Database

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You can use the Microsoft SQL Server as a database server, which is a relational database management system and can handle a huge amount of data.


To use a remote database, click Application Menu, located in the upper left corner of the program. Select "Database Setup" in the list appeared.


Database Setup
Database Setup



In the appeared window select the section “Remote Database” and then select the radio button - "Connect to the Remote Database (Microsoft SQL Server)".


Connect to the remote database
Connect to the remote database



In the beginning, check the server name the database is installed on.


Then select the Authentication Type. You can choose either Windows Integrated Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.


Note: For additional parameters or other network rules, please contact your database administrator.


At last, you need to assign a name to database or choose already existing database.


Click the button "Create Database". After that the program will restart and you will see the startup wizard.