Create Grading Scale

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To add a new Grading Scale, click “Create New” in the Grading Scales management window.


Grading Scales
Grading Scales



The Add Grading Scale window will appear.


Add Grading Scale
Add Grading Scale



You can set a name to the Grading Scale and add the grading levels.


While adding levels to the Grading Scale, you must follow the agreements and rules:

Grading Scale works using 100% scale

You must add at least two grading levels

You must enter unique values for each letter grade

Grading level values must have decreasing cutoffs

You must include a cutoff of “0” to cover the whole 0 and 100 point range

You must select at least one Passing Score


To choose the Grading Scale automatically while publishing new tests, check the “Set as Default Grading Scale” option.