Add Question

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To add a question, click the “Add Question” button, and all the possible question types will appear.


Choose question type
Choose question type



Choose desired question type. Add Question windows will appear, here you can add the question text, possible answers, set question point and enter the question feedback (if desired).




Add question
Add question



The question text field is a complete Microsoft Word like text editor. Here you can write the text of any complexity, insert pictures, tables, create mathematical formulas or insert any nonstandard symbols.


Also, you can add the question in the desired category.

To add a question to the existing category click the Categories drop-down list and choose the one you want.



Possible answers

Considering selected question type, you can add possible answers, delete or reorder them.


You can add up to 20 possible answers to each question. The minimum quantity of answers differs by the selected question type:

For True/False questions, minimum and maximum possible answers can be only 2

For Essay type question, there are no possible answers given

For all the other question types you can add up to 20 possible answers



The possible answers text can also contain different difficult elements such as pictures or mathematical formulas.


Note: The Tester itself completely suits to the submitted answers texts and despite of the number of lines in most cases, shows the text without using the scroll bar.



Adding the possible answer

To add another possible answer, click the add button, located next to every possible answer.




Delete the possible answer

To delete the possible answer, click the delete button, located next to every existing answer.



Reorder the possible answer

To reorder the possible answers, click the Up/Down buttons next to them.



Question Explanation

The main purpose of Question Explanation is to explain to the quiz taker why the answer he/she chose is correct or incorrect. Explanation text can contain tables, pictures and other difficult elements.


You can add the explanation text separately for correct and incorrect answers. To add explanation in case of the correct answer, click the button “Explanation on Correct Answer”, located in main menu.


The text input form will appear. Write the text and save it.


When there is an explanation added to the question, the icons located on the Add Question window changes its color. For example if we fill explanation in case of the correct answer, the label of that button becomes bold.