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Release Date: 17 April 2014


Changes, improvements and bug fixes in version 3.2


What’s new in Test Manager:

New: Authorization system is much more flexible. You can choose three options: Anonymous Testing, Generate Access Codes and Set Password;

Improved: Validation when saving;

Improved: When adding a new grading scale in an empty list it will become a default one;

Fixed: Test Manager will now save the selected question bank and current view when you close the program;

New: You can now open entries by double-click or pressing the Enter button;

New: You can now hide disabled tests;

New: Every grid has now an ability to sort rows by clicking its title;

Fixed: A rare bug when creating a local database;

Improved: Search in results is now case insensitive;

Improved: At least one grading scale has to be present in the Test Manager;

New: Now, you can enter a test name when publish a new test.



What’s new in Tester:

New: Now you can specify a supervisor password to protect database settings;

New: Test List window to choose published test or quiz;

Fixed: Reset button was working incorrectly.